Supply Chain Event Management

Custom-made software for greater transparency

Transparency is one of the most important prerequisites for supply chains and networks to be successfully managed. State-of-the-art IT systems help to get the full picture.

SRTS co-developed a user-friendly IT solution for the optimal management of the supply chain. The software bundles all the relevant information pertaining to the parties involved in the process and, on top of that, serves as a communication platform. However, the system not only reflects the ordering process and the corresponding accounting regulations. Our customers can further have an eye on their goods and track their daily updated order status. The application also allows a statistical analysis and documentation of the logistical data. It does not matter which system you, the producer or the involved logistics service provider are using – in most cases the Supply Chain Event Management solution can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure easily.

Link between producer and end customer

Increasing globalization and competition have affected the demands on distribution logistics. More products have to reach their customers in ever shorter periods of time without this leading to higher costs or a loss in quality.

SRTS develops customer- and process-oriented concepts that improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the distribution logistics of industrial and trading companies. Based on our close partner network we plan intelligent transport chains for your goods combining the advantages of various modes of transport and ensuring an ideal flow of goods in Europe. Via partners we cooperate, for example, with the System Alliance or the 24plus logistics network, a general cargo cooperative. Apart from daily groupage cargo and time-defined services, our portfolio also includes additional services such as quality assurance at the production site or warehousing. As a part of our extensive quality management these services are adapted to comply with the regulations at the final destination.



SRTS Europe presents ocoTILLO:
This order management system ensures transparency of information independent of location as well as needs-based real-time exchange of information for all participants in the supply chain.

Immediately available key facts and figures allow the user to take quick and substantiated action or counteraction to situative factors. Downstream work expenditure and costs can be reduced or avoided altogether.

The web-based IT solution combines an order and schedule management system with an additional container stuffing system.

The cloud-based system ensures global access to an up-to-date shipping list with all relevant information.

The integrated rate management system allows the user to recall all relevant rate information at any time, thus ensuring permanent cost controlling.

Additional features, such as a container tracking program and individualised event messages usefully round off the service portfolio.

Individually selectable and user-defined export of data allows the user to create specific analyses and statistics.

Transparent document management for each shipment facilitates completing the necessary shipping documentation within the systems.

Since 2015, our network has been profiting from the numerous benefits of the constantly evolving order management system, thus ensuring a permanent competitive advantage.

Experience significant strategy adaptations by using ocoTILLO and lay the foundation for your high-tech strategy INDUSTRY 4.0.

EU Transports

Logistics solutions for goods within Europe

In international trade each link of the process chain is crucial to the success of a company. Especially in logistics, all steps have to follow on seamlessly.

With innovative solutions and strong network partners, SRTS builds a bridge between Europe and its new markets. Regardless of where our customers are based, we develop transport concepts for nearly any product and ensure that the goods reach their destination quickly and on time. For example, weighing up the pros and cons to the individual modes of transport and, if necessary, combining them maximizes the security and reliability of all European lines. In doing so we also take your company’s ecological targets into account by arranging transports as efficiently and emission-free as possible. You can also count on our experts to find the most optimal solution for your goods with regard to customs issues.

Intelligent logistics for special offers

Each week supermarket chain stores surprise their customers with new bargains. Since most of the goods are from Far East countries, logistics in this sector especially has to be on schedule at all times. 

With SRTS, this sensitive area of logistics is in excellent hands. Because of our long experience and committed local partners we guarantee you the on-time delivery of your special offer goods at ideal conditions. Major savings can be realized by the targeted bundling of individual projects in central European goods distribution hubs. We also optimize those processes by using a transparent container storage program to ensure the capacity of every single container is used most efficiently.

Optimal return solutions create value-added

Excess and remaining stock of unsold goods is inevitable when doing business. With returns management being costly and time-consuming, non-sellers are often stored and this way represent a significant cost driver.

SRTS does not only design and plan the delivery of the products but also their way back. In close cooperation with our partner network we develop effective one-stop solutions to return and market your excess stock, thus preserving the value of the investment. Our services in this regard not only include the collection of the goods at the point of sale but also services such as checking and assessing the goods or repackaging and palletizing them. In addition, we have a group of regular buyers as well as secured distribution channels to ensure maximum resale opportunities for your goods. These additional marketing opportunities not only minimize, if not neutralize, impending losses, they also offer you the possibility to realize additional profit contributions and keep your warehouse capacities at a minimum.

Security in a volatile environment

Global logistics chains may involve risks for companies that run into millions, because goods can be damaged during transport or be lost entirely. This kind of danger can be avoided by obtaining insurance coverage.

As an independent consulting company and logistics expert, SRTS offers adequate and insurance services in line with requirements and premiums at good conditions, because not even long years of professional experience are a safeguard against unpleasant surprises. By means of an extensive risk analysis of your company we identify gaps in coverage and this way select the perfect insurance protection for you that not only covers the dangers during transport but that can also be expanded to goods in the warehouse. Because of our flexible claims service and our globally accessible experts you will benefit all over the world from reliable handling and claims settlement by order of the insurer – and maybe at lower cost than you would think!

Competence in all legal matters

The international transport and logistics law regulates the storage and transport of goods for the road, rail, water and air transport modes. Due to the highly complex rules and regulations it is recommended to seek expert advice in matters of transport law.

Contracts, warranty or financing – the experts at the SRTS network help you in all matters of transport of logistics law. We offer competent advice in all areas of international goods transport and we also possess profound know-how in insurance and banking law. In view of the fact that both contracts and freight and transport documentation have to be adapted to the permanently changing legal framework, one focus of our activities is on contract design and management. We also offer thorough risk management by identifying and remove impending dangers at an early stage.