SRTS stands for efficient and effective logistical solutions.

Our experts not only draw the right conclusions, they also put the realizations obtained from their analyses into practice in a targeted manner.

Case 01

Distribution logistics: Internal process optimization saves time and money

The life cycle of goods keeps getting shorter and shorter and, consequently, the pressure to sell is getting higher and higher. Thanks to an innovative SRTS solution an import company which operated its own warehouse and points of sales was able to optimize its internal processes and realize substantial savings potentials.

A comprehensive analysis of the actual situation pointed out the major deficits: an inflexible delivery system, too long sales intervals, inefficient transport routes and substantial efforts resulting from pick & pack targets. As a first step, the number of picks in virtual product development (VPD) was significantly reduced. Lower initial volumes, together with the resulting shortening of intervals of deliveries to outlets, increased flexibility and cut warehouse and staff costs. Finally, a holistic analysis of the logistics chain by our solution experts led to a considerable improvement of the company’s existing rental conditions. All’s well that ends well, or, simply put: SRTS.

Case 02

In-store services: buy cheaply, operate flexibly

Favorable purchasing conditions do not always translate into decent margins. This is a lesson a German company had to learn in the Asian market. Fortunately, our solution experts knew what to do.

Following the principle of moving away from order-based purchasing to sales-based purchasing, we developed a more flexible and, consequently, more profitable solution for this customer, who wanted to continue his bulk purchasing strategy. By involving a bonded warehouse in Futian/Shenzhen, as a first step the process of goods delivery through Chinese suppliers and the subsequent customs clearance was simplified and accelerated. At the same time article and master data were maintained using online tools, thus not only facilitating warehousing and inventory stocking but also allowing improved inventory restocking and shipping to Europe – A solution that helped savings potentials to pay off after all.

Case 03

Reverse logistics: Come full circle, preserve value

In most cases returning goods is a cost-intensive and time-consuming process for the supplier. Not so much so in the case of a company that trusted the competence of SRTS.

Is it worthwhile collecting the goods at all? How can returned goods be efficiently prepared for reselling? Who might be potential buyers? These are three fundamental questions the SRTS team was able to find intelligent solutions to. An innovative costing-based analysis was conducted to find out whether collecting the goods made sense at all. Sorting by own criteria then allowed the structured resale of the factory seconds. Due to the strength of its network, SRTS was also able to provide targeted assistance in the identification of potential buyers. These are three good reasons for our network partner to further rely on the consulting competence of SRTS in the future.